Journal of World Energy Law & Business 

The Journal of World Energy Law & Business (JWELB) is the official journal of the Association of International Energy Negotiators and is a leading journal in the international energy sector that is published by the Oxford University Press. Tim Martin founded the JWELB in 2008 with Professor Thomas Wälde and has been the Chair of its Executive Committee and Editorial Board since its inception.

The Journal covers the business, commercial, legal, financial, economic and policy issues relating to the energy world. It combines academic excellence with professional relevance in articles that include:

  • International law and comparative regulatory & commercial law relating to oil, gas and energy
  • Energy transactions, negotiations, financing issues (including disputes, project finance, commercial transactions, pipelines, shipping, LNG, accounting, taxation, environment)
  • International energy policy: energy security; access to energy resources; renewable and non-conventional energy development; energy efficiency;  international energy organizations.

Interviews with Tim Martin and the JWELB General Editor

The Genesis of the Journal of World Energy Law & Business

The Future of the Energy Industry

Innovation in the Energy Business

Volatility in the Energy Sector

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