Governance and Compliance

Tim Martin has developed, implemented and managed leading edge corporate compliance programs on improper payments, trade sanctions, export controls and boycott law. He has advised governments, corporations and NGO’s on corporate social responsibility, transparency and international compliance laws.

The prestigious Institute of Corporate Directors awarded Tim the designation of Institute of Corporate Directors, Director (ICD.D), which is a commitment to excellence in the boardroom. He is or has been a director of a number of corporations, industry organizations, NGO’s and not for profit entities.


Tim is one of the world’s leading governance and compliance experts who provides:

  • Advice, support and implementation of corporate compliance programs

  • Strategic advice and counsel on managing compliance risk in globally competitive markets

  • Corporate policies for managing compliance risks

  • Training in preventing improper payments

  • Support in compliance investigations or monitoring for compliance programs

  • Advice and counsel to corporate boards and senior executive on governance best practices

  • Corporate board governance programs

  • Board Director services